The World of Goodness

“Be good to all and all good will be yours.”
This statement itself clears all doubts and gives a clear picture of how one’s life should be. I have seen a number of people who believe in “Tit for Tat”. But I’m glad I am not one of them. I believe in the fact that love can cure all serious problems, resolve all matters and spread peace among people. Love can become the strength of major weaknesses. It can become a ray of hope in someone’s dark life.
Our world today may be the best in itself, but what it lacks today is the tenderness of love, affection, gratitude. I won’t say love or compassion doesn’t exist. Rather it would be better if I say that not many can experience or feel it. Because all they want today is money and fame.
Honestly, how many of us would choose to be compassionate towards everyone over any materialistic happiness in the world? A few or may be just one in million. Just as an example, you are on your way for an important meeting and suddenly it starts raining heavily. Now, at that moment, what would be the first thing that’d come to your mind?
“Oh my god! Such a lovely climate!”
“Oh my god! Now how will I reach on time?”
If you’d say that you would be exclaiming and appreciating the sudden change in the climate, then you’re way better than the rest. And if you’re of the second category, well then, you just proved my point.
What you look at doesn’t matter- rather how you look at them is what matters! Your way of noticing things can change your perception towards them! Your perception can change your life! And your life can change others’!
Just yesterday some of my friends were discussing about an accident that took place in our neighbourhood. I heard that three people were lying in a pool of blood and no one came forward to help them. And I couldn’t stop myself from interjecting that atleast someone should have taken them to the hospital or should have given them first aid. Pat came the reply, “Obvioulsy, who’d take such a responsibility, it is better to stay away in such situations!”
Is it really better to watch someone die in front of you and do nothing about it?
If I had been in that place at that time, I would have definitely tried my best to help them out or call for an ambulance if nothing more! Is it really that easy to avoid someone who’s dying in front of you just because you don’t want to face the police afterwards? It may become a headache later on but atleast you won’t regret not helping a dying man! C’mon! You can’t be so heartless.
This world cribs for happiness and happiness can only be felt if you make others happy. Be good and be helpful. Be considerate if nothing else!


The Principle of Acceptance

“When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, find one reason to smile.”
An encouraging note that we hear almost everyday in our life! But have you ever tried making those very thousand reasons your strength?

Why is it that crying and regretting is the most probable choice that one makes during difficult times?
Why can’t they just sit back and tell themselves that this was the least that could happen?
Now reading this – do you feel you’re one of them too?

There are a number of ways to handle very difficult situations in life. Ignorance – being the most commonly chosen path.  Revenge – the second most common. But how many of us choose the path of Forgiveness?  ( Now here I am not talking about your due tax payments, rather its about situations relating to your “REAL LIFE” – the actual bonds that give you happiness, strength, love.)

Now the next thing you may ask would be – “How can I forgive someone who ruined my life?”
Firstly, you need to Realise  that you’re not the only one who’s been through such a situation. There are others who have been through worse! And that if they have courage to still live on and not be full of revenge – then you could atleast  be better !
Secondly, you need to Understand that if you are in such a situation, where you never did anything wrong and are still trapped, it may be because of the circumstances. It is not always the person’s fault. At times, surroundings make people do stuff that even they feel is not right! Here, you need to understand that other person’s point of view and try to free yourself as well as the others.

Thirdly, Believe  that  whatever happens, happens for a reason. If you’re reading this right now, there is a reason behind it. Mistakes should never be taken as a regret – infact they should be acknowledged as an experience. The mistake made may be grave – but it wont help if you regret over it – all your life. The best way to make someone realise his or her mistake is by Forgiving them so that they themselves feel that what they did has actually affected both sides.

Know that forgiveness and acceptance are the most important tools of life.
Forgive if you were mistaken.
Accept if you did the mistake.

Revenge and Regret will do nothing but only harm you and the people around.
I may not be a very experienced writer or a person who has been through everything – but I am one of you – who has seen and acknowledged  the best of life and forgiven the dark shades too! And I would politely  recommend you to do the same.

As Aristotle, has rightly said, ” Happiness depends on ourselves!” http://encouragingquotes

I think this would help change some mindsets.
Let me know your views and comments.